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DebraKate CocoTuning 7411
Coco tuning up backstage, Berlin 2003
featuring Coco Lorès

DebraKate TillyLeopard C0035-25A
Tilly in leopard spots without her wig, Oz Party, Berlin 2000
featuring Tilly Creutzfeldt-Jakob

DebraKate LiesbethSHEva C0056-26A
Liesbeth Prölls in red with feather trim & SHEva with a glass, Wong Show backstage, Berlin 2002
DebraKate DaphneGiselaBiggi 0753
Daphne smoking, with Gisela & Biggi backstage at the Wong Show, Berlin 2004
DebraKate MimiGreenKinoIntl 7452
Mimi at the Kino International, Berlin 2003
featuring Mimi Monstroe

DebraKate CameliaAsADom 7215
Camelia as a dom, Berlin 2003
featuring Camelia Light

DebraKate ElviraGoodbye2AM 0672
Elvira saying goodbye to Gaby, 2 AM, Berlin 2004
featuring Elvira Westwärts

DebraKate SailorsBostonLounge 9558
Sailors in the Boston Lounge, Berlin 2003
featuring Ben d'Over with Moritz G.

DebraKate ZackMephisto 4899
Zack as Mephisto - looking down, Berlin 2003
featuring KingZack

DebraKate NicMoritzXMasHats 0064
Nic helping Moritz with his Christmas hat, Berlin 2003
featuring Nic van Dyke & Moritz G.

DebraKate GeenaInWings 4913
Geena in the wings, Berlin 2003
featuring Geena Walker

DebraKate FronckStarJacket 9854
Fronck in star jacket, Cologne 2003,
featuring Fronck de Sáster

DebraKate FronkHammerZirkel 7447
Fronck backstage with clothes rack and Hammer & Zirkel, Berlin 2003, feat. Fronck de Sáster
DebraKate SelfMimiMirror 7431
Self portrait with Mimi in the bathroom mirror, Berlin 2003
featuring Mimi Monstroe

DebraKate MoritzSecurity 7428
Moritz working security, Berlin 2003
featuring Moritz G.

DebraKate ToniBuffet 7400
Toni at the backstage Buffet, Berlin 2003
featuring Toni Transit

DebraKate NicCleaningArms 9430
Nic cleaning his arms for the next roll, Berlin 2003
featuring Nic van Dyke

DebraKate LindaLipstickHelp 5433
Tilly helping Linda fix her lipstick at the show celebrating Cathérine's wedding, Berlin 2003
DebraKate ToniMimiHalfNanna 9828
Backstage with regular folks, Cologne 2003,
featuring Toni Transit & Mimi Monstroe with half of Nanna

DebraKate MargotKoRaRiecht C0059-24A
"KoRa smells from the crot...", Susanna's birthday show, Berlin 2003, featuring Margot Schlönzke
DebraKate LiloWithDoll 0230
Lilo backstage with her doll, Berlin 2003,
featuring Lilo Libido

DebraKate SHEvaZackKiss 5368
Zack helping SHEva with her lipstick and a kiss, Berlin 2003
DebraKate GabyCatherine C0058-29A
Gaby in her Mother Mary tank top & Cathérine with a beer, San Remo Abend, Berlin 2002
DebraKate FronkKinoIntl 7449
Fronck at the Kino International, Berlin 2003
featuring Fronck de Sáster

DebraKate DianeWaiting 7989
Diane waiting to go on, with mirrored kings, Berlin 2004
featuring Diane Torr

DebraKate FronkAusnahmeBackst 9889
Fronck at the Ausnahme Party, Cologne 2003,
featuring Fronck de Sáster

DebraKate SailorsBackstage 9467
Sailors backstage, Berlin 2003
featuring Ben d'Over, Chris Ko, Toni Transit

DebraKate KoRaDaphne C0059-36A
KoRa with a drink at the mirror & Daphne with a fan, Berlin 2003
DebraKate ChouChouQueen C0029-27A
The Wicked Queen backstage, Cologne 2000
featuring Chou-Chou de Briquette

DebraKate CameliaDog 4892
Camelia with sparkling wine as a dog, Berlin 2003
featuring Camelia Light

DebraKate GiselaRemoveNails 4875
Gisela removing her nails, Berlin 2003
featuring Gisela Sommer

DebraKate GabyStageDoor C0059-33A
Gaby by the stage door, AHA, Berlin 2003,
featuring Mrs. Gaby Tupper


All photos copyright ©2008 Debra Kate.
Please do not use without permission... Just ask.


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