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Untitled (formerly Boys Best Buddy)

Photos by Debra Kate
Original Concept: R Köhler

In this series, masculine-identifying, female-bodied individuals assert their right to wear "female" accessories when they feel like it. In so doing, they accentuate their masculinity and directly defy cultural pressures that dictate the avoidance of all things "womanly" at risk of being read as "less than" male.

I would like to find a new name for this series that does not have the word "boy" in it. Suggestions are welcome.
DebraKate [at] DebraKate [dot] com

DebraKate BBB elroc 6495
el roc
DebraKate BBB Rochus 8123
DebraKate BBB Ocean 8658
DebraKate BBB Kris 9233


All photos copyright ©2008 Debra Kate.
Please do not use without permission... Just ask.


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